About Claynote:

"Claynote is unique. We love music, and want to make full use of its potential.
That's why we like to get involved in your projects as much as we can, so we can make the music as fitting as possible. We believe that almost any experience (playing a game, walking through a museum or arriving at a hotel) can be improved and intensified by adding the right music at the right time.
We don't just compose and produce music: We try to help determine what the music should achieve, so the music can be finetuned to its desired purpose and context.
Claynote consists of Jakko ter Borg and Rik Nieuwdorp, who have been working together since 2006, when they met in their final years at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU).
There, the extensive research and prototyping experiments regarding adaptive music formed the basis of their current expertise on the design of adaptive music systems and its music composition techniques."

an additional note is that since June 2011, Jakko is no longer a part of Claynote.

Rate My AvatarEdit

"Rate My Avatar is an application developed by Projectorgames, that lets players rate other players avatars. With this application it's easier than ever to find out how cool your avatar really looks and what the rest of the world thinks about your avatar. Available on Xbox Live, and popular from the first week. Claynote made music for the main rating section of this game."


"For this Xbox Live Indie Games title, Claynote designed a rather complex adaptive music system. This side-scrolling retro racing game has the player influencing the pounding techno track, with every movement in the race, every crash into a wall and every boost pad successfully hit. It changes the music according to your ranking in a race, and has different musical endings depending on which place you finish. The game even features a Freestyle Mode, in which the player can compose their own music by using the side-scrolling racing action as a rudimentary music sequencer."


"Released exclusively via Xbox Live Indie Games, the goal of this puzzle game is to collect Easter eggs in a physics-based 2D platform environment. Claynote composed all sound effects and music, which was praised as being sensationally cheesy and catchy.
Originally released as the Easter-themed A Great Easter Egg Hunt, the game was later rebranded and re-released as Choc-o-riffic. Because chocolate eggs are yummy all year round."

You can goto Claynote website by clicking here