A hardcore 2D Zombie Survival game with procedural weapons, endless landscapes and a million monsters to kill. Lose your world, keep your character! Remember - losing is fun.

Delivered in a mod-friendly fashion, this game is designed to grow over the coming months, with plenty of community feedback on every aspect, from the procedurally generated loot to the buildings found on the landscape.

Here's the game design doc, work in progress stuff, and also the development milestones and schedules:

Design Doc

Featuring music by world-renowned chip musican 'TDK' PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS RIGHT NOW! I WILL MAKE ABOUT 1 CENT PER COPY SOLD! THIS IS ONLY HERE TO GET ORGANISED! For more information, feel free to tweet me : @fortress_craft I generally don't bite.

This game is currently only avavlible at Indie City.

FC2D has been updated over 100 times!